D&R and Yamaha sign a license agreement.

We are proud to annouce that we have signed a license agreement with Yamaha in which Yamaha is allowed to use/distribute a free lite version of our CobraNet™ manager software with all their MY16C-II Cobranet interface cards.

As you might know CobraNet™ is THE Audio Network solution for the future for both radio and live sound applications, which has been recognized by a world leader company such as Yamaha.

The CobraNet™ Manager software shows you a realtime overview and control of all your connected CobraNet™ equipment.

A built-in scheduler is used to plan your connections in time, that's what you call connection management!

We know you wish to define your own functionality in your network design. We created the possibility to program your own macro functions! These can be assigned to LCD-keys (using the D&R MCU).

Also Plug-ins can be written for the manager. This gives the manager the possibility to control non-standard Cobranet features. The Manager will show you a complete device-rack for all known devices!

If you already use CobraNet™ you need to testdrive this software! From that moment 'What you see is what you control' is your motto.